Saturday, August 21, 2010

{The Oregon Rite of Passage}: rituals marking the transitional phase into a tribe or social group. An event in a person's life indicative of a transition from one stage to another

Bet you didn't know that there is an "UN-official" rite of passage when you move to Oregon

Here's my version

There is no getting around this here! EVERYONE does it! Bins bins bins! Bins for Compost, Bins for Cans(soup not pop) Bins for Cans (Pop not soup) Bins for plastic, Bins for Glass (clear) Bins for Glass (Color) and then the smallest Bins of all....bins for trash (which I still haven't mastered! Whats left to actually throw away?) But I did it! I recycled! Took my BIG ol' bag of plastic bottles and cans(pop not soup) and headed to Walmart where there are machines that count your "goods" and print cash vouchers to redeem inside! It was Fab! Two full "trash" bags in and a whopping $3.85 out!

(recycling pics are from google)

#2: The COAST!
Ahhhh the "beach" you say.... Envision hot sand, warm water, beach towels and sun screen..... NOPE this is the COAST! Its amazing! But not one ounce of warm sunshine to be seen! Foggy drizzle, chilly wind, huge waves, wet sand.....We enjoyed every minute of it and craved more when we left! The "Aunts", their kids, Bryn and I went for three glorious days of R&R! We wore sweat shirts and walked in the wet cold sand, laid on the warm rocks, and saw the sights! oh and had a heavenly "crab-melt" sandwich at the Chowder Bowl in Depot Bay.

ps...Aunt Mary does the BEST rendition of Weezer's "Beverly Hills" (I know, I know, I was a bit surprised my self!)

(more Coast Pics when I figure out how to upload my camera to the macbook)

Oh the childhood memories! I can remember each and everyone of my Aunts in the kitchen with my Mom canning and freezing berries, jams, veggies, and sauces! YUM! Tonight Aunt Barbara continued my rite of passage in becoming an Oregonian, with a warm batch of Blackberry Jam! We just had to walked down the road a few yards to pick the berries! They grow EVERYWHERE in Oregon! Even in the medians of the highways! We topped off our picking bowls in the backyard and headed in to learn.
First you rinse
Then you squash
After that you dowse it with sugar
Add a little pectin
Pour the sticky goodness into jars
Then the best part...lick the leftovers from the spoon and pan!

It was so delicious! "A Good Batch"

Three Oregon rituals down....
Stay tuned as We continue our:
{Oregon Rite of Passage}