Monday, February 23, 2009

and the OSCAR goes to....
We held the Williams Family Annual Oscar Party Last night!
Good Show, Great Food and Fabulous Friends!
Walking Our RED CARPET last night:
~~The Price's~~~~~~ The Gailey's~~
~~The Jones' ~~~~~~~The Williams' ~~
the big VOTE:

the GREAT food!

the Kids enjoyed a private screening of the acclaimed film "CARS"

in the the Luxurious Theater up stairs

and the Winners??
(obviously Looking at the ballots....not Me or Cory)
The Winner was RACHEL!
She was the only one cheering with the answers as the rest of us were booing at our bad choices.
She took home the movie prize for having the skills!
Poor MAC...he was our contestant with the worst luck, but still won a movie prize to brush up on his skills for next year!
the AFTER PARTY....NOT so fun! Clean up was relatively easy until.....
(not the whole thing, just the button that turns it on)
Cory being the handy guy that he is, pulled out the tools only to realized that the only Allen wrench that was missing from our set was the one we need! Go Figure!
So we called up the Gailey's (thankfully they were still awake!) and borrowed the right sized wrench and SUCCESS! i have a working vacuum and a CLEAN floor!
thanks All for a WONDERFUL Oscar season!
We hope to see you again Next Year on our RED carpet !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm a PLUMBER! Its official!
(OK, not really, but i did manage to do a FABULOUS job switching out my old nasty faucet for a new sleek one.)

Here's the old one, that has been there for who knows how long and has who knows who's crud and yuck attached to it! (we rent and when you think about that...Yuck! Who's dirt and grime are living in your house..... eeewwww....YUCK!!!!)

(please notice the handy plumbing tools to the right :)

The Detached faucet
those dang pipes were a bugger to get the tools around. i would tell you the actual name of the tool that i used but i have absolutely NO idea what they are really called (pliers of some sort I'm guessing maybe a wrench)

and here's the NASTINESS
other peoples crud and yuck....yeah go ahead gag a few times for me....i sure did!
so after scrubbing and sanitizing
(I think i used a whole bottle of Clorox wipes)
My Beautiful new FAUCET!
This Beautiful new Faucet came with a new drain too! BARGAIN!
(I will not go into the NASTINESS that was in the drain pipes under the sink. Yes, i was GAGING again....YUCK!)
After more sanitizing, I got to turn the water back on and
So, I'm not Officially a plumber...but who knows, maybe i have a future in it!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The 15 year old, $2,500.00 TOOTHPICK!
you are not going to believe this...
this story begins one year ago to date....oh wait... i stand corrected.... 15 years ago to date....
but lets start in the middle.....
a year ago... Cory comes home after working a 12 hour shift at the hospital and asks me to make him an appointment with a foot doctor. he says he noticed that the underside of his big toe had begun to hurt him and there was a small bump developing..... so being the good wife that i am, i promptly (a month later....oops) make an appointment with a local podiatrist. a week goes by and we go to said appointment.... the doc feels the bump.... he is sure that it is a cyst on the tendon and whips out a syringe of lidocaine/cortisone and jabs a huge needle in the underside of Cory's toe "OUCH!" then says "there! It could be tender for a few days from the injection but shortly you wont even notice that the cyst was ever there......"
Cory's "cyst" returns and seems to get bigger and more painful as months go by. so in a moment of "deja vu" i am asked again to make an appointment and after a month of subtle reminders i once more am a "loving" wife and make another call to the doctor.
Monday morning comes and Cory heads to the podiatrist at 830 am. i get a message on my cell at 9:00 am that simple states "hey babe, surgery on Wednesday"
WEDNESDAY: We head to the hospital. We make it through pre-op (medical histories, IV, cute disposable boxers (yes i laughed out loud when i saw them...hehehe paper underwear...hehehe), and marking his toe with a purple marker. Then in walks the Doc and the CRNA. After going over the procedure and the warning us that the cyst had a recurrence rate of 25%, the CRNA made the HUGE mistake. He asked Cory (the future CRNA) if he had any questions....Cory jumped right in...."how old are you? where did you go to school? how long have you been out of school?" Poor man didn't see it coming...after a few surprised glances at the nurse, wondering if we were questioning his capabilities, he caught on that the questioning had absolutely nothing to do with the surgery... and gladly dove into suggestions and info on the best schools to apply to. Off they went into surgery still talking, with the doors swinging behind them...
A mere 30 minutes later the doctor came and found me in the waiting room....he had a slight grin on his face and said "Well, i don't think this cyst is coming back..." then handed me this.....
He smiled and said...."It was NOT what we were expecting."
When they made the cut in to Cory's toe, what they found was a TOOTHPICK!
I Laughed!
What in the world?? how was there a toothpick in my husbands foot?? i had NO memory of any toothpick accidents. The nurse called me back to the recovery room. Cory was waiting (in the cute paper boxers and sexy hospital gown) for me....i handed over the toothpick. He looked at me puzzled..."what's this?" I explained. He burst out laughing telling me the story about 15 years before when he and a buddy were rough housing in his parents house and he had gotten a toothpick stuck in the bottom of his foot. It was wedged in there really deep. They both pulled on it a couple of times and finally dislodged it. A portion was covered in blood so they assumed it was the whole toothpick....evidently it wasn't! OUCH!
So you are wondering what happens to a toothpick after being in your toe for fifteen years??NOTHING it looks the exact same! (well with a little added blood!) His body had just formed a cyst around the toothpick in the past year due to him running and being on his feet more with work. WEIRD...I know!
and the ending of this story......
We are minus one toothpick....up one big hospital in a few Laughs... having a little bit of pain, but after a long day....
We're all Living Happily Ever After!

Friday, February 6, 2009

As i work on spicing up my living space i feel the need to share ideas for easy projects that ANYone can do around the house... i had these boxes laying around from a craft project that i worked on a few years ago....
so i took the two largest ones...and spray painted them a silver-pueter color. i was thinking that i would do this little project while Cory was at work and he would be none the wiser... so i headed outside......FREEZING cold...there was NO way i was going to stand out there and paint, so i did this "painting" in the guest bathroom.....BAD IDEA! I put down paper under the boxes but, i forgot how messy spay paint is....the stuff flies EVERY WHERE! so Cory came home and wasn't too happy with the casualty of the craft project... i played it off like i knew what i was doing and told him in -Duh- voice..."fingernail polish remover takes it right off, no big deal" and snuck downstairs to get the polish remover.....i got cotton balls....held my breath, made a wish, crossed my fingers....and WAH-LAH it worked! it cleaned up like a champ and my painted box turned out great....
so then i went digging threw my box of screws, nails, and hanging stuff and found these hinges and an old knob. i took the hinges off a tri-folding picture frame that i hated as a group of three but loved separately.... attached them to the back....

then screwed the knob on the front .....

and WAH-LAH...we have a chic box to hide all the not so chic stuff on my cute new shelves....