Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chirstmas morning

Bryn and Kenna on Christmas EVE at Andi and Ryan's...thanks for letting us crash for the evening! Such cute BFFL!(wink wink Andi...)Lets start off by saying we didn't have the typical wake up early, open presents, Christmas breakfast kind of day.... Cory worked a grave Christmas Eve. Bryn and I hung out at the Price house and then went to visit Cory late to give him a Christmas Eve present. We all got to bed LATE (early in Cory's case) so we all slept in! You might think that means until 9 or 10....Nope! we got up at 1 o'clock!!! Talk about the perfect Christmas present!

Me and Cory just after waking up...blood shot eyes, anyone??
And no we didn't neglect our child she slept right next to me and Cory woke us both up....she was still a BIT groggy coming down stairs....cute hair!

Bryn loved the Kitchen Cory got for her...his special surprise present from Dad. (which might i add he has NO RECOLLECTION of putting together...heheheh...ambien ROCKS :)

and for some videos...Bryn is her mothers child! She couldn't hardly stand not knowing what was in each present as she opened it....her quote of the morning was...."what's in there?"

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bryn & Philip "borrowed" the camera...
the first thing that Phil teaches ALL his neices and nephews is to stick out their tongues...

this is Brynley's "S'up" face... its hard not to smile at that one :)


Friday, December 19, 2008

Real vrs Fake

OUR TREE.... We got a REAL one! For the last few years Cory and I have used a fake Christmas tree....I thought it was perfect.....until this year when we got a LIVE one and have loved it! It is fuller and SMELLS GREAT!

this picture cracks me up.... literally!

Brynley decided that putting up the Christmas Tree was a Daddy-Daughter project, and that mom was only allowed to turn on the Christmas music and take pictures....she insisted that she got to be a part of every step... cutting the netting...

making sure it was perfectly straight...they did it! we have a standing tree...Brynley...the self proclaimed light holder.... Cory is very meticulous in the placement of our lights! Which i LOVE! no bald or dull spots....the trunk is lit from top to bottom and every branch! THANKS, Babe!and.....the FINISHED PRODUCT!

(thanks Cait for the HOME DEPOT tip! Not only are they the least expensive in the area but....their trees seem to be the fresher and they do your bottom cut and trim any branches for you!)

Monday, December 15, 2008

FUN times in INDIANA....

More Fun Pictures of our trip to Indiana....
Bryn hung out with with Grandpa and Grandma while I finished getting ready for church...I love that we all ended up matching that day! Black and Gold were the colors of the day....
B and GRANDPA (to get Bryn to smile Grandpa had her hold his ear...worked like a little trick....THANKS dad!)
this picture would be my Favorite but of course....B didn't feel the need to smile in all of the picutes...
DAD & Phil.....
Yuki felt left out....

Friday, December 12, 2008

We just returned home from a WONDERFUL week of visiting Grandpa and Grandma in Indiana. though,if you were to ask Bryn she would say that she was visiting MOOKIE(aka Yuki, their dog).

Our trip started out with a direct flight to Chicago's Midway Airport. For those of you flying with small children, I would suggest direct flights! It made a world of difference to be able to tell Bryn that when we got of the plane we would see grandpa rather then having to explain the chaotic reasons of switching planes.... Bryn was a first class traveler. She insisted on carrying her own wheeled bag. So handy to let her have all her stuff all to her self and not have to dig through all my stuff to find the baby doll, the babies bottle or the babies binky (all of which go EVERYWHERE with us ALL of the time!)

TURKEY DAY...gobble gobble

THE FOOD... all that needs to be said...YyUuUMm! The turkey was tastey...the sweet potatoes(made by me) were Delicious but Dad's PUMPKIN PIE was AMAZING....every ones favorite!

While Dad and Cory worked on TURKEY duty, Bryn showed Grandma just how much she loves following her EVERYWHERE she went...what a cute little shadow!

Thanks Giving wouldn't be complete without TURKEY BOWL for the boys, and of course Dad bloody the opponent's ( OK just split the other guys lip) but still he plays tough! Way to go DAD! Cory and Phil went into the game strategizing to throw the game by being on opposite teams and "letting" each other make ROCKSTAR plays.... As far as i know it worked! Cory scored a great touchdown!

Then came the naps and movies... the boys were exhausted from all the eating! (the football wore them out too!) hehe

On Friday Bryn helped Grandpa get some chores around the house done....i don't know if help is the right word but she had a blast on the "tractor"

All is well that ends well....ummm i would have to disagree with this quaint little saying.....We had a wonderful time the first part of our trip...and then late Monday night the projectile vomiting began.... Bryn got so sick and to be honest and a bit too graphic...I will never look at hot dogs and ketchup the same ever again...YUCK!!!! After a long night, and dowsing Grandpa's Car with throw up, She slept on Cory the whole way home with the PUKE BAG right next to her..Poor Girl!

THANKS DAD & BECKY for a wonderful trip and holiday...I'll post the rest of the fun Picutes from the trip in the next post....