Friday, December 19, 2008

Real vrs Fake

OUR TREE.... We got a REAL one! For the last few years Cory and I have used a fake Christmas tree....I thought it was perfect.....until this year when we got a LIVE one and have loved it! It is fuller and SMELLS GREAT!

this picture cracks me up.... literally!

Brynley decided that putting up the Christmas Tree was a Daddy-Daughter project, and that mom was only allowed to turn on the Christmas music and take pictures....she insisted that she got to be a part of every step... cutting the netting...

making sure it was perfectly straight...they did it! we have a standing tree...Brynley...the self proclaimed light holder.... Cory is very meticulous in the placement of our lights! Which i LOVE! no bald or dull spots....the trunk is lit from top to bottom and every branch! THANKS, Babe!and.....the FINISHED PRODUCT!

(thanks Cait for the HOME DEPOT tip! Not only are they the least expensive in the area but....their trees seem to be the fresher and they do your bottom cut and trim any branches for you!)


Caitlin said...

I'm so proud of you for getting a real tree! It's beautiful!

Little Lady~bug said...

Well, your tree is beautiful, I'm ashamed of mine now! But it looks great!

TwinkleBee said...

I never had a real tree either till I got married, Kev insisted, now I can't imagine having a fake! The tree looks marthaesque-nicely done. and the purple.. nice.. Tell Bryn I said good job with the tree :)