Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chirstmas morning

Bryn and Kenna on Christmas EVE at Andi and Ryan's...thanks for letting us crash for the evening! Such cute BFFL!(wink wink Andi...)Lets start off by saying we didn't have the typical wake up early, open presents, Christmas breakfast kind of day.... Cory worked a grave Christmas Eve. Bryn and I hung out at the Price house and then went to visit Cory late to give him a Christmas Eve present. We all got to bed LATE (early in Cory's case) so we all slept in! You might think that means until 9 or 10....Nope! we got up at 1 o'clock!!! Talk about the perfect Christmas present!

Me and Cory just after waking up...blood shot eyes, anyone??
And no we didn't neglect our child she slept right next to me and Cory woke us both up....she was still a BIT groggy coming down stairs....cute hair!

Bryn loved the Kitchen Cory got for her...his special surprise present from Dad. (which might i add he has NO RECOLLECTION of putting together...heheheh...ambien ROCKS :)

and for some videos...Bryn is her mothers child! She couldn't hardly stand not knowing what was in each present as she opened it....her quote of the morning was...."what's in there?"


Brittany and Johnse said...

so cute holly! she is getting so big...and look at all that hair! i hope you had a great christmas! happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh those videos are so stinkin cute!!