Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Few Weeks Ago....

This day started out on a good note....
Our First
And then continued to get even better...
Cory took Me and Princess B on a Date to the Aquarium in Sandy. It was tons of fun! We had the whole day together which is rare these days with our crazy work schedules!

One of Our favorites was this disgustingly Amazing Octopus!
Handi Andi...this star fish would look GREAT in your Kitchen!
There is also a section that you can pet the sting rays! They were so soft and seemed to love bushing up along all the hands in the water!
We also loved the tiny little Sea Horses!
After a fun filled Family date, what is better than a comfy seat and a yummy Slurpee!?!


Handi Andi said...

I have never been there. It looks really fun. You are right. That star fish would look rockin in my kitchen. I can see it now. If only I had a salt water aquarium in which to keep it, or they made a plastic replica. (I prefer the second)

TwinkleBee said...

lovin the piggy tails- so cute! Tell cory "nice ride" from what I can see of the seats. Glad you guys got a whole fun play day, you deserve it! So when you movin out east by me? I want a play day with you guys! Love you